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Credit Cards no longer accepted as online, nor automatic, payment.

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Credit Cards no longer accepted as online, nor automatic, payment.

For the past 7 years we have used my wife's pay card to pay our bill automatically.  Our card number was stolen and had to replace it and this was due to Hughes Net actually being hacked. We found that out from the people who stole the number when they were arrested in Georgia.  Since we got the new card, it is not accepted as payment for autopay now for some reason. It's the same exact card, same bank, through the same employer only thing that changed is the card number. We don't understand and get no cooperation from the customer service reps when we call. ALSO, still having the same connectivity issues we had and posted on here before. Hughes Net did come in and replace the modem with a new one. Still not doing any good. Still drop the net, still have slow loading and having to do a hard reset at least 3 times a week to even access the net. Don't know what else can be done, but it's still frustrating on all points.


Hello bounceback2p,


I'd be happy to take a closer look at your billing issues and see what the issue may be with your preferred payment type. Please send me a private message so I can verify your payment information. 

After running initial diagnostics, the system seems to be functioning properly and your speeds look great. What specific issues are you currently having with your service? I was reading some of your previous posts to get a sense of those but if you could elaborate a bit more on your current problems, I will be able to better assist you. 






Thanks for responding. I also run constant speed tests at test my and it does show all is good there and that's why it's so confusing.

It's the same issues we had before and were only corrected previously for about a month and it all started again. Very slow loading of

sites, sometimes not at all. The internet completely dropping out at various times requiring a hard reset every time. There are even times

the transmit and recieve lights go out on our modem and we can do nothing at all and this can last any where from a few minutes to a few

days. When the HughesNet tech out last time he discovered we had the wrong modem for Gen 5. When we upgraded to Gen 5 in April of

2017, the idiot installer left us with the old modem for Gen 4. But that's when all our problems started, when we upgraded to Gen 5. Never had

any of these issues when we had Gen 3 or 4.

If i can remember how to, I will send you a private message for our billing info.

Well, we did get an explanation on why our card is no longer accepted for auto pay. It was an explanation but makes no sense since the card was fine for 7 years

and now all of a sudden isn't. So now we have to call the idiot Customer Service People every month to make our payment AND the horrible internet service we

have been receiving every since we went to Gen 5 now costs us more every month since we aren't on auto pay anymore. Not going to speculate on why this has

happened, but have an idea.


As for our service....Our issues did get escalated up to a SUPPOSED Advanced Tech and they did call us. Unfortunately, the so called Tech had no clue and

all she did was install some updates she said that the engineers were aware of an issue with the service and working on. Then the Tech had us run a couple

speed tests and it was amazing, but in a bad way. The test showed us in the low 20'sMbps which is fine but she said they were showing 35Mbps on her end.

I was suspicious at that point and she had me run another speed test. Here's the kicker, I UNPLUGGED the modem and told her I ran the test and gave her

the same number we got the first time and she said it was showing 36Mbps on her end. Now, I'm no expert but have no clue how she got any speed reading with

the MODEM OFF. When I brought it up, she didnt say another word about the issue and said I have to wait 30 days to see if the updates do any good. She did

throw us bone and gave us a 1 month credit on our bill for next month. It's appreciated but doesn't make up for the 226 days we have been without service since January

1st of this year. So now we have to wait a month, come back on here and get our problem escalated again so they will call us. What a pain this has been since

we went to Gen 5. Never had this issue with Gen 4.




As I said in our private messages, our engineers are hard at work on the issue and once the updates are rolled out, the problem should be resolved. I will be sure to update you once the updates have been rolled out!


Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.



I have seen other members of the community indicate that prepaid cards do not work. I work for a CPA firm and help companies with payroll, so I'm aware that payroll cards are most times considered "prepaid" because they don't accept recurring transactions. The way that cards are recognized as prepaid is by the first six digits (the BIN) and perhaps the BIN on your card changed from one to the other, causing the payment method you prefer to reflect as one that is prepaid? If the other card number hadn't changed in 7 years, it wouldn' have fell under the umbrella regulation that prepaid cards use a specific BIN that identifies them as such.

Just a thought. Keep in mind that if someone hadn't taken advantage of prepaid cards to get out of paying the company, they would be accepted. I can be certain it is nothing personal, at least. It sounds like they are looking into your service issues so hopefully all will be well!


No, that's not the case in this situation. The first 8, yes 8, numbers did NOT change. Only the last 8 numbers changed. I get the fact that

prepaid cards are a disaster to companies. Our card HAD to be replaced due to the number being HACKED thru HughesNet to begin with

and nobody seemed nor still seems to be concerned about that fact.

As for our service issues, all we've gotten is excuses and blame on our computer. Supposedly the engineers are working on upgrades

that are suppose to help with that. We are just waiting on notification of when they go into effect. Probably will be waiting until the cows

come home for those. We have just reserved ourselves to the poor internet service we have gotten ever since we upgraded to Gen5

20 months ago and don't expect anything to be done.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.


Bill & Reta

Distinguished Professor IV


You might want to send @Jay a private message to ask for an update, since his post about this was 2 weeks ago. 



@bounceback2p wrote:

 We are just waiting on notification of when they go into effect. Probably will be waiting until the cows

come home for those. 


We have been checking messages here daily waiting for Jay to let us know about any updates.

We have replied to Jay's message from yesterday and will be waiting on the phone call to set

up an appt.

Maybe you should read the entire post to know what's going on, not just a portion of it and reply

to something that's being taken care of in private messages.


Bill & Reta

Distinguished Professor IV

Temper, temper!


Best of luck to you, dears, and happy holidays.

Marastade, You have no idea the level of frustration we have over this right now and for you to come in at the end of

the conversation and not know what's going on and repsond to just a small portion only frustrates us further.

It's not a matter of temper it's a matter of 20 months of total frustration and nothing but idiocy from the customer

service department. At least we have had a couple people attempting to help us out and try to come to a

resolution with the situation. I only suggested you read the entire posts over this before inputting your two

cents and comments on a little portion of something that was said.


Bill & Reta


Distinguished Professor IV

No worries, Bill & Reta. Seriously, all the best to you, and fingers crossed all will be solved as soon as possible for you.  

Bill and Reta, 


I do have an update on your current situation. We believe we have a resolution for your issue with slow performance and we would like to send a technician to fine tune your HughesNet system at no cost. Please see my most recent private message to schedule an appointment.



Bill & Reta, 


The Service Order has been placed and the technician will be contacting you by phone to schedule the appointment!


Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.



Distinguished Professor IV

@bounceback2p wrote:

We found that out from the people who stole the number when they were arrested in Georgia.

NICE!!!  Far too often that doesn't happen.  I've been nailed twice over the years and, as far as I know, they never did figure out who did it either time.  Granted, I let the bank handle it and I didn't alert the authorities.  Both times people got my bank card number and went on shopping sprees.  Luckily, HSBC covered the stolen money.  Had they not I would have been in a world of hurt.  


I'm glad they got the slime in your case.  🙂  


Yes we were lucky. We contacted the local police here and filed a report with them. After a little investigating on my part and the Police Dept's part, it was discovered

exactly where the card was used. It was used at a Wal Mart in Georgia. Unfortunately for the people that used the stolen number, they didn't think about the security

cameras in place there. They were caught on tape using the card and we recognized immediately and were arrested. They are now in jail for it. We did get our money

back after filing all the necessary paper work.



Please see my response to your private message.


Thank you!



Distinguished Professor IV

@bounceback2p wrote:

They were caught on tape using the card and we recognized immediately and were arrested. They are now in jail for it.

Nothing makes the job of catching the bad guy easier than when they do something monumentally stupid.  🙂  


Your success in getting them is a little bit of a victory for all of us who've been affected by the same type of thing.