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Dealing with an ongoing nightmare with Hughes Net.

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Dealing with an ongoing nightmare with Hughes Net.

I have been with Hughes.Net for over 15 years. When we first started my son was the one setting it up. He left to get married about 10 years ago but did call Hughes and tell them to get it out of his name. Needless to say they did not do it. Everytime I called i was told I was not the primary accountholder. Finally about 3 month i could no longer deal with them my son called them and cancelled the account and I send them back the equipment. I opened a new account with them (why I dont know)got a new account number and a new modem.

Guess what I have called at least 5 times in the last months because i can not access my account they tell me i am not the primary account holder, even so i gave them my sons cancellation papers, my new account and new Site Number i get nowhere with them.

Half of the time i can not understand the agents.

So wish I had another choise of Internet Provider in my Area

Also i ordered 15 dollars with of tokens got charged 45 Dollars. Was promised a refund, well that has not happened.

I am so fed up with them

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Re: Dealing with an ongoing nightmare with Hughes Net.

Hello Heidi,


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear what happened, we certainly want to get to the bottom of this. I've located your account and will investigate further. To help with this investigation, please send me a private message that indicates the old and new SANs (account numbers).


You can send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my username on the left side to get to my profile page. On my profile page, click on the Send me a Message link in the top right corner so you can compose your PM to me. 


Looking forward to hearing back so we can address your concerns.