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Email Portability and a Potential Revenue Source for Hughes

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William Nason
New Member

Email Portability and a Potential Revenue Source for Hughes

Does HughesNet realize that they are missing out on a potential continuing revenue source?  If you had a mechanism for continuing someones email service AFTER they cancel their internet service, even if there were a nominal fee associated with the service (suggestion - $20/year?) you would likely find many takers. I know that I, for one, as a long term customer that uses my hughesnet email for virtually everything would gladly pay $20 or so a year to continue my email service only.  This would continue to make some money for Hughes while saving me the aggravation of having to change email addresses with everyone I deal with.  I suspect that Hughes cost for continuing my email service would only be some VERY small fraction of $20/year meaning that this would be almost PURE profit for Hughes.  Possible? Likely?

Hi William,

This is a great topic because in my time being here, it has been brought up before, and I think its a great idea. Many of our customers use their HughesNet email for business, or just keeping in contact with family. Another user brought up this idea because they no longer needed the internet, but wanted their e-mail address with us to stay active. I passed the question on, because I was not aware that we had anything of just an e-mail plan, but was not able to dig anything up, even a cheap $10 or $20 plan just to keep the e-mail address. We'll bring it up again at our next meet up and see what possibilities are out there!