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False Advertising rip off

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False Advertising rip off

Hughsnet is a rip-off. They promise you 4G or 5G and sweat it works everywhere. I got my service and I couldn’t even check my email. My wife couldn’t post her schoolwork and was at risk of failing. We called about the service and were given nothing but excuses. We finally had to change companies and now we’re being charged a $350 termination fee when it was their service that didn’t work! They informed me that I was paying the fee and now they say they won’t waive it because I “agreed” to it. I wasn’t asked, I was INFORMED I would be charged a fee. There was no agreement on my part. I’m contacting my state’s consumer protection board and possibly a lawyer since all their ads say it works everywhere when it doesn’t. Anyone else have any ideas???
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@SeanElliott wrote:
Anyone else have any ideas???

Sure do.  Being that this is the HughesNet Support Community, with the key word being "Support", I would suggest creating a new post in the Tech Support section in order to get support for the issue(s) you're experiencing.  


But, if you have already cancelled the service, and it's already been shut off, you're probably past that point, and that's unfortunate.  


False advertising is false advertising.  An apparent technical issue of some sort is an apparent technical issue of some sort.  They are two different things, and you experienced the latter.

Well I posted here because the hughsnet rep I spoke with today suggested it but, I do apologize if I posted in the wrong section.
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When you subscribed to the service, you immediately were bound by the subscriber agreement, which is available to everyone on the Hughesnet site, here:


This agreement is a contract, and it states that subscribers will pay a fee for terminating their contract early, which you were told was the case. 


If you have not cancelled your account yet, you should work with the Hughesnet reps on this site to try to fix your issues. They won't even consider the possibility of waiving the termination fee unless you do this. 


If you have technical issues, please provide some details in  the Tech Support section.   The more details you can provide, the better.  Be aware also that you may have to do some troubleshooting from your side, and that this is a required part of the process for figuring out what's going on. 


SeanElliott wrote:
Well I posted here because the hughsnet rep I spoke with today suggested it but, I do apologize if I posted in the wrong section.



I had the same issue and fought it for a while until I finally decided just to downgrade my account and pay as little as I could to get by for the two years and I purchased other service that actually works. The Hughesnet only worked at all hard wired into my desktop, no wifi ever, so that is what I used it for and connected my Nest Thermostat and used my other service for everything else. I have the business grade and it is still terrible. I don't bother with support usually because it is too much time on the phone for very little improvement. Most recently I was charged $800 without informed consent for equipment upgrades just so stuff would work at all. I am still hoping someone at Hughesnet will resolve this issue for me.