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Help, wrong password.

New Member

Help, wrong password.

Got an email to sign for new security update. Tried to sign in wrong password. Tried Yahoo answered some questions same results wrong Hughes password, that is why I tried Yahoo. Changed password go to site administrator, there is no one here but me and my dog and she is confused also. Help I've already lot 45 min fo nothing.
Assistant Professor

Re: Help, wrong password.

I think that email may be a phishing scam.

Re: Help, wrong password.

Hi jdpetro2,

Thank you for posting, as sgoshe said, that sounds like a phishing scam. Did the e-mail look like this?:

If you clicked on the link in your e-mail, I would highly suggest running a malware scan on your computer and change your password as a precaution. Please also read these articles on how to detect and report phishing scams:

How to Spot Phishing E-Mails

How to Report Phishing E-Mails

Let us know if you have additional concerns, we're happy to help.

Please create a new thread in the community if you have a question or need help. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.