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HughesNet Spoof Email

I would like to provide HughesNet a copy and/or picture of a spoofed email message that I received from an imposter claiming they were from HughesNet Billing and that my credit card payment was rejected. My payment is up to date and I have confirmed this with HughesNet Support by phone. Can someone please provide me a email link to Hughes so they can analyze the email. I almost fell for it. It is that convencing..  Thanks..

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Good catch.  This type of thing, unfortunately, is being seen more often.   


At the top right of the Community you'll see a button that says "Contact Us".  If you click on that you'll see an option to email them.  


It's also possible that one of the reps here will want you to send it directly to them.  If they want you to do so, they'll reply here with instructions for what to do.

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