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I need to Cancel my sevice, I have sold my house and dont need the service.

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I need to Cancel my sevice, I have sold my house and dont need the service.

I need to cancel my service. I have sold my cabin and the new owner tried to call

to assume my account, she and I both called between 3-27-2020 til 3-31-2020, but

due to the COVID-19 we could not get thru. I have tried at least 4 times a day. I had called and made arrangements for her to call and assume my account on 03-27-2020. I talked to Jillain in Account management , I have the reference no. 128-060-023. But when we tried call back and make arrangements we could not get thru. The escrow closed on 04-02-2020, she has gotten another service. I am now stuck with the contract. I need to be relieved of my obligation for this contract. I removed the modem and reciever and am waiting for you to send me the instruction on where to send them. 


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Unfortunately, the only way to cancel your service is by phone (866-347-3292).  The reps here don't have the ability to do so.  


My advice would be to keep trying.  Maybe later at night, if you have that ability.  Their call centers are very short staffed right now, and at the same time they're experiencing a large increase in call volume.  A perfect storm, unfortunately.   


Don't get me wrong, I know it's extremely frustrating not being able to get through, or even further, getting through, only to lose the call, and I really do wish there was some other way they could cancel your service, but to keep trying is the only advice I can give.  😞

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