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I will be calling to cancle. My contract has not been upheld.

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I will be calling to cancle. My contract has not been upheld.

I was very hesitant about a contract so I made sure to ask plenty of questions in my original coversation with the sales rep Travis.  I was concerned about my signal based on my location.  He explained that this is a contract, and just as I agreed to pay my bill etc that HughesNet has agreed to provide me with sufficient internet, and if they can't that they would take the dish back and return my money.  I paid 399.97 which was to cover all equiptment and the first month.


My instalation, was originally scheduled on 9/18. The installer called just prior and moved it back by a couple days and offered me a free month for my trouble, which I later had to fight to have honored because apparently he did not have the authority to offer that. 


I called the very next day after instalation and explained that my service so far had been very very slow.  She asked me to give it a week and then give feedback, which I agreed to do.  After a week of honestly doing everything on my phone, I attempted to give the feedback she asked for and then demand that they take it down.  My signal Was Not Even strong enough to stay on line long enough to do that!  So I called and spoke to and spoke to an agent and explained that This Just Wasn't Going To Work.  She eventually talked me into letting them send a tech.  I agreed that if we could get this to a sufficient place that I would be happy to honor my agreement.  Shortly after I recieved a text message confirmation for that apt on 10/6 and I responded 1.

On 10/6 I waited and waited until i finally called.  I was told there was a mix up. No one was coming.  Now it was 10/8.  This tech Did show up Thankfully, and was very nice.  He did install a new modem and said that he could definitely tell a difference...and I could too.  I had timed it many times.  I was waiting 15-25 sec to load a page before (which is obviously why i had to do everything on my phone...that is rediculous!).  Now it is taking 7-12 sec ussually.  While I will agree that is better, That Is Still Just Not Do-able For Me.

In addition, I just noticed that my credit was charged an addition $31.50 2 days after instalation.  I have yet to have time to find out what that charge is for.

As far as I knew I had paid for instalation, paid for the first month, and been given a free month.  What is this charge and who authorized it!?!

All I know is that I have been a HughesNet customer for 3 weeks and I have been addressing these issues from within a day of instalation.  I have done everything I was asked to do (including clearing 16hrs of my schedule to accomodate 1 instalation, one tech, and two no-shows).  I have spent hours on the phone, I have had additional money taken from me, and in the end.....I Still Don't Have Reliable Service.

I am hoping to find the Hour (at least) that I will need to discuss this with you tomorrow.



Carmen Hughes 




Re: I will be calling to cancle. My contract has not been upheld.

Good morning Carmen,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! I certainly would like to get to the bottom of this and will request a review of your sales call. I'll post back once I have any updates to share.


Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.



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