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Ready to cancel my contract, based on lies and unauthorized charges!!!!!!!

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Ready to cancel my contract, based on lies and unauthorized charges!!!!!!!

Received a letter dated October 16, 2017 that "I" had reversed serval of my payments with Hughesnet. (Which "I" had not done so!!!  Started doing my investigation concerning this and contacted the bank.  Waiting to have a refund issued to me so that I can reimburse Hughesnet)  According to this letter I have 30 days to resolve the balance. (I'm thinking ok, cool.  Gives me time to get the refund.  Because, like others here I am not a millionaire and my bills are dependendent on each check. Any differences in my funds causes major issues.)  So, on 10/26/17 I made a payment of 68.00 from a account that I only hold enough funds for specific bills such as "car insurance" (no more/no less), and was going to make another payment towards the remaing balance this friday while waiting for my refund from the other bank account.   Next thing I know I receive a e-mail from my car insurance that my payment could not be processed.  HMMM, I know I put the amount on that card, so I look it up.  Well wouldn't you know Hughesnet charged the remaining balance of $206.37.  Now I sit here with a vehicle with no insurance, will have fines out the ***, no way to get back an forth to work (which means no money to continue paying my "HUGHESnet bill",  and a letter stating I have 30 days that apparently means nothing.  When I processed the payment  of 68.00 I selected to NOT keep this card on file and I DID not authorize this 206.37 to be taken out.  I've e-mailed about this more than once the past few days and keep getting the run around about auto pay and all that mumbo jumbo.  Plain and simple this is just absolutely wrong.  I was not given the oppurtunity to resolve this and instead was put in a major bind.  (not to mention that the service is not as great as I was originally led to believe, but, that is a whole nother story)


Yes! Looks like we are caught up 🙂 



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Good afternoon Latinkerbell


I am really sorry about all of this and I am sure we can come to a resolution that works for you. I will need to research your account history and get an idea of what happened on our side. I appreciate your patience and understanding while I work on this for you.


Thank you


Thank you for the reply.  Today, I received a statement/bill from Hughesnet dated with an issue date of 10/23/2017 with the totals, showing the total due, and the previous rejected payments.  Stating to bring my account current as soon as possible.  It just frustrates me that I was not given that chance to even do that.  It was just automatically taken out after I made a partial payment leaving me in a major bind.  If this is how they do business then I will no longer be a part of it.   

Hello????  Still nothing??????  Yesterday, I received another letter from Hughesnet dated 10/27/2017 with amount due $134.02.  Seems like none of this is adding up and I can NOT seem to get any answers no matter who I turn to. It is now going on 1 week of me asking about this between emails and here.

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I'm tagging @Liz, who is a Hughes employee.  I know you're steamed, but give the staff some time to get through the piles and piles of stuff they have to deal with.  They will get to you, and you may hear from them in a private message.

Thanks!  Amanda pm'd me!  I appreciate your reply and apologize.  Just really surprised by the whole scenario and stressed by it all (literally causing me to have anxiety). But, I think we may be coming up with a solution.  I will mark this as solved as soon as it is and update it with a reply from myself.  I do appreciate the help from you both, so thanks once again!

Hello latinkerbell


I apologize for the delay in my reply. Upon first looking at your account the other day, I did see there has been a total of 5 reversed payments since the account was opened in May. We do have a limitation on how many times this can happen on an account. 

In regards to the payment and autopay occurences: I did look at your account history and I see that your account has been on autopay since you first got activated. What this means is that if there is an outstanding balance (such as 2 months of reversed payments), we will attempt to draft that payment for ten days. 


I will send you a private message shortly with more information and a possible resolution.


Thank you,


Thanks for the reply @Amanda!  I pm'd you back.  

Please let me know if you got that pm or not.  Not sure if I did it right.



Yes! Looks like we are caught up 🙂 



Yes, thank you Amanda!!!  Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything!!!