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Lied to again!

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Lied to again!

I have been having problems for months now. Changed equipment and teoubleshooted. Sent out techs a couple of times and everytime i was assured if i did it that it qould be fixed and i wouldn't have anymore issues. I wanted to cancel the last time but i spoke qith an agent that said if i gave it one more try they would waive the etf and have that took care of if i had anymore problems after the tech was finished. That's how sure she was. I wasn't and i was tired of going back amd forth so i agreed and i got her to repeat it several times that the etf would indeed be waived if there were anymore issues. Well I'm having more issues mow and have been letting it go like all the other times. My iternet gets used up in just a few days which is crazy considering it is very slow so the only thing i can do is use it on a phone to browse. But no matter how much internet I've ever had it has always been the same. So i finally work up the nerve to call in because i know it will be a hassle and i will be given grief like always. I was mad out to be a liar then they make me run test and they run test and see that indeed my internet is significantly slower than what it should be and there is a problem. Then they have a problem with what i tell them the girl told me about waiving the fee even though he found it in his notes. Also his superviser last night. At first i was told some of the etf and then none! When the girl before told me all! It is in the notes! He insisted I let him send a tech out to my home again! I didn't want that for I was assured it would be fixed before and if it were not i would be able to cancel without the etf due to problems literally ever since i have signed up! I was assured i wouldn't have to go through this again! I shouldn't have to stress so much about this and get so much grief. Customer service should be a pleasent experience. Also i want to state that i had a charge on my daugjters bank card for tech assistance that i don't have and when i called thw company they informed me they had gotten the information from hughes net!

Re: Lied to again!

Hello Sallya,


Welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to us here with your concerns. We've already located your account and have begun investigating. We will do some diagnostics from our side, listen to your calls to us and read through the notation history. It sounds like there is miscommunication, at least through the account notations, that has resulted in you having trouble getting the account cancelled. I will provide you with an update as soon as this is completed.


Thank you,



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Frauds!!! Reported!

I wanted to cancel and was talked into to staying if i let them send a tech out to try to fix it i said ok because i was told if it didn't work i could cancel and wpuldnt be charged a termination fee. Just like i knew it didnt fix the issue amd i wanted to cancel but they wouldn't stick to their word evem though it was in the notes! Flat out liars! Then they cancel one day out of the blue i call and they still try to say the charge of 355 is valid for etf! But it could have been qvoided of i let someone come out here which is another lie because if was canceling why would someone come out here? But they cant do that now. I'm wondering what am i being charged for??? Besides the first month i had service the internet didn't work that is on the notes and work orders! I think they owe me some money back for not holding up their end of the contract! I email this community and no help i called everyone multiple times there is no help!!! Report it people!