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Misled by the same sales rep?

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Misled by the same sales rep?

When I signed up for this internet service, it was represented as a service I could move seasonally. I have never been so disappointed about a service in my life. What was represented to me was not the truth. Amanda said she would review my sales call to validate the misrepresentation of the sale. And still has not followed through on this. I cannot do anything with this service that I was promised, let alone "move" it seasonally. I think I might have had the same sales rep that has mislead many other customers. Like this one: 102292232
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I believe Amanda is waiting for a response from you before proceeding.

Amanda did say she would investigate but did ask for some points of clarification to which you never responded. 

Part of her reply to you:

Can you clarify if you were told you could move the services an unlimited amount of times during your initial sales call, or when you called our support group before getting installed?

I just want to make sure, because I see your first call to us on 6/7/16 (Case #54415373), you spoke to one of our customer service representatives about the move program and data allowance before your installation was done.

Original topic and replies can be found here:

Unlike the old HN7000s system that only required line-of-sight to the satellite and could easily be moved newer Spaceway3 and Echostar17 platforms use "spotbeams" and a user must be within the footprint of a spotbeam with a properly configured and registered modem.

You would like be best served by have two separate systems and doing a Seasonal Suspension between the two systems.



Hi japabozajii

As Gwalk mentioned, your first thread is still open - feel free to reply to me there.