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Monthly charges - Billing errors

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Monthly charges - Billing errors

Once again I am being over charged for service agreement. The last time I spoke with customer service I was to be issued a credit for the $40 plus dollars I was over charged and ensured my monthly bill would be $55.00 until January 20, 2019, when I was to call back and ask for an extension of the upgraded special rate $49.99 for 20GB and that my equipment fee would be a total of $5.00 as long as I have my account. I want my phone calls reviewed and want what I have been promised. How do I get this straightened out? Thank you


Hello UnderTheRadar, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! The normal equipment leasing fee is $14.99, but you have a service credit on the account until the end of your 24 month commitment that lowers the fee to $9.99. 


After reviewing your account, I am seeing you were upgraded to the 20 GB plan in August, which would reflect onto your September bill. Then I see the service was downgraded to the 10 GB plan, but then the upgrade to 20 GB plan was processed again in September, reflecting on your October bill. 


Regarding your bills, I reviewed both bills and see there are pro-rated charges on them; this is due to upgrading your service plan. If you change service plans within the middle of your cycle, it will split the charge between how many days you were on the 10 GB plan, and how many days you're on the 20 GB plan. The discount was placed onto your account and applied onto this bill, but with the pro-rated charges there as well, your bill was higher than expected.


Please refer to the private message I have sent you to further address your concern. 

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Good luck. I have an hour every month to try to fix my problems...promises are made and not upheld.
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This is a solutions site, where people post their problems and get help solving them.  Your post is  useless as it is, and helps no one,  especially not yourself.  It looks like you've been disappointed with the the service in some way, but if you don't say what happened,  the Hughesnet moderators and fellow customers on this site can't attempt to help you.  Why don't you create a new thread and give people a chance to help you?  If you have account issues, use myAccount and Billing.  If you have technical issues, use Tech Support.  


@savannahskye wrote:
Good luck. I have an hour every month to try to fix my problems...promises are made and not upheld.