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New Charges?

  I'm confused about the bill I received 2 new charges I've never seen before or know about can someone clarify this situation for me to understand better? Thank You I received my recent bill and noticed two unfamiliar charges labeled "159335766 OOW TRUCKROLL 50% DISCOUNT" for $75.00 and $7.13. I find it perplexing because I have never encountered these charges before. The total balance on the bill is $60.34, and the amount due is -$21.79 with a due date of 06/16/2024. I'm struggling to understand these new charges and would greatly appreciate it if someone could clarify the situation for me. Thank you for your assistance. Here's a summary of the invoice that I don't understand:


- Amount Due: $-21.79

- Due Date: 06/16/2024

- Total Balance: $60.34

- Previous Amount Due: $-21.79


New Charges applied to your next bill:

- 159335766 OOW TRUCKROLL 50% DISCOUNT: $75.00

- 159335766 OOW TRUCKROLL 50% DISCOUNT: $7.13


Recent Credits applied to your next bill:

- $0.00


Bill period: May 06, 2024 - Jun 06, 2024

Amount Due
Due Date
Total Balance
Previous Amount Due



Thankyou for posting and welcome to the community. I apologize for any confusion. These charges appear to be from a recent onsite technician dispatch. OOW stands for "Out of Warranty" which means you do not have Express Repair. Express Repair is a service we offer, similar to a monthly paid insurance, in which you do not have to pay any additional money for technicians to come out.  -Damian