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No intrinsic value????

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No intrinsic value????

so I have been with hughes for 12 years, and happy. unplanned my copper verizon line died a natural death. verizon is required to install fiber, not repair copper. as I have use d this for my home based business over the years i purchase tokens so as not to run out of data. I currently have 104.6 gig = about $115.00 purchases.

Anyway, verizon ran fios to my house  2,000 feet, at no charge. I would be crazy not to increase my download spd to 97mps!

so I go to cancel my service after 8 years and they tell me that they get to keep that money. so basically I am sold a service purchase extra service but do not get reimbursed. sounds like a real flim flam to me.

How do they get away with that???

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Re: No intrinsic value????

@gholtonjr wrote: 

How do they get away with that???

It's clearly stated in the Subscriber Agreement that there will be no refunds for unused Data Tokens.  


Data Tokens are not a physical product, but rather a service add on.  With this said, even if they were a physical product, there would still be a time limit on returns for refund, like any other physical product purchased.

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