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Overall view of sevice

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Overall view of sevice

I've been a Hughesnet customer since 2014. Here late within the last 4 - 5 weeks my service has been slow or non existent at certain times of the day. Normally **bleep** online via the Hughesnet app and saw that there was no payment info. I set it up again. 6 days later I get a Hughesnet bill via snailmail addressed to my bank but with my address. On opening the bill I find I am being charged with 3 different taxes a Property tax surcharge of .75, an additional property tax of .04 State and an additional property tax of .02 county. I find this strange. Of course even with me telling the rep to leave everything as it was on my billing I still got the $5.00 increase for the paper bill and this was insulting as it was sent to me addressed to my bank. My name nowhere to be found on the bill. My best advice after many years of dealing with these people is to use the chat option or try and handle problems via their app if possible. Trying to communicate via a person that does not speak American is very difficult. Indian english just does not cut it. Via chat I was informed that after your initial contract expires Hughesnet is responsible for the dish and router, I am responsible for the cables. Oh, and it is impossible to renegotiate a new contract without paying higher fees. I am going to check this coming week to find out who in my county and state recieves these property taxes and if they are legitimate.

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Re: Overall view of sevice

@Cohobadiah wrote:

Via chat I was informed that after your initial contract expires Hughesnet is responsible for the dish and router, I am responsible for the cables.  

Well, any work on the system still needs to be performed by HughesNet, regardless.  Like if, for whatever reason, your coax cable needed to be replaced, or the fittings needed to be replaced, especially the outside ones, they would need to do it, as it would need to be done to spec and using the proper cable and or fittings.  And, of course, any work on the equipment itself would need to be performed by HughesNet themselves, normally at customer cost, though there are instances where HughesNet will cover that cost, and there are the service plans, too.  Regarding them sometimes covering the cost, that's why I always recommend that, when people need help, they seek it here, if they are able to do so.  The reps here are corporate based reps, and they have more authority to offer certain things, or have some leeway, that the Tier 1 phone/chat reps don't.  


Regarding the taxes, they don't have any control over that.  They charge the taxes that they're required to, and they vary from state to state, and even county to county within a state.  I actually pay four.  Well, two different ones, but the state ones are duplicated for the county, or vice versa.  Regarding the property taxes, some states/counties have them and some don't (mine don't).  


I'm sure a rep will look into the $5 invoice charge if you were told it would be waived.  Not sure why the bill would be addressed to your bank, though.  That's a head scratcher for sure, and I'm sure they'll look into it.


As for your speed issue(s), you should start a new topic in Tech Support section to get help for that.  


The reps are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 5PM EST, though there is occasionally one on during the evenings.  The reps will likely reply on Monday.  

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