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Paid twice

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Paid twice

This month they decided to withdraw from my the credit card I used to open my account in Dec I have been paying thru my credit union for 3 months now and now they used my credit card again and I paid my bill online not knowing they used my high interest rate credit card , so I paid twice and I'm not due until the 5th. How do I solve this
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Someone pm me and said ur account shows i paid my bill with card ending 2707 but my other card i used to open this account also shows a charge for same amount, I changed my card # this morning 112841644
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The Hughesnet reps are not here during the weekend, but they will get back to you next week.  I'm tagging a couple of them: @Amanda@Liz


Hello Wos,  Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I found your account and was looking at your billing information. I was only able to find one posted payment on 5/26 and I did not see a second posted payment. Our billing system can only store one payment method at a time, so we would have had only one of the two cards at any time. The agent who e-mailed you back stated that the payment was made with 2707, however it appears that they gathered this information by just looking at the current card on file, which you had already changed by then (from first card to 2707).


If you had not changed your initial card on file (the one with which you paid upfront with) until after 5/26/18, then the automatic payment would have been withdrawn from your first card. I can see the card was changed very recently, so this is most likely the case.


If you made an extra payment this will apply as a credit to your HughesNet account and will be applied to your next bill. Should you wish to have the extra payment refunded, we'll need to wait until the payment processes and posts in our system to have money to give back. Please let us know once the payment posts on your card ending in 2707 and we'll process the refund.



I sent a screenshot on of the replies on another page of the 1st credit card where the 1st $79 was taken out and ur computer is showing where it came out of credit card 2707. So to stop all this please post the $$ to NEXT months bill. Thank you
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I didn't mean to hit solved or accepted what ever I'm trying to find the message u said u sent on email page. I'm new don't know what's going o

Wos, We will be more than happy to apply the funds towards your next bill once we have received the funds to do so. At this point in time, the balance is still showing as a zero balance since only one payment has posted on your HughesNet account. If you do need to fax a statement showing the two charges, please send it to 585-419-3727 and include your HughesNet account number.

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