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, Payment of $49.98. I Paid $158.98. I am not happy at all. who takes what they want off my card. There is no trust..ANGRY!!!!!

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Annette Rush Si
New Member

, Payment of $49.98. I Paid $158.98. I am not happy at all. who takes what they want off my card. There is no trust..ANGRY!!!!!

I ordered ur internet thru Direct Tv. The lady said my !st months payment would be due up front,,, Payment of $49.98. I woke up this morning and The you took out $158.98. I did not athorize that amount and refuse to pay that much. I am not happy at all. Dont want to do buisness with some one who takes what they want off my card. There is no trust..ANGRY!!!!!! Cancel my service for tomorrow 8/26/2104 at 8-12 am.  I will deal with someone else.
Associate Professor

Annette, if you signed up with DirecTV then your account is through them and not Hughesnet.

That aside if you DO have an account with Hughes, please call 1-866-347-3292 as cancellations can not be made over the community site.  Also, when cancelling, please request an immediate cancellation.
El Dorado Netwo
Advanced Tutor

Annette, pretty sure you were charged a $99 activation fee because of the area where you live, and you ordered thru an online sales agent.

If you order through a local neighborhood retailer, they won't charge that $99 fee. Also, they'll take better care of you than any sales agent sitting in some cube farm who knows where. 

To locate a Retailer, go here and put in your ZIP Code:

El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |

Hi Annette,

Welcome to the community and thank you for your post. We want to address your concerns, so please post a case number or the serial number located on the bottom of your modem so we may look up your account.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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John Noybn
New Member

hmmm, wish id a known about the "local retailer" angle.. they got me for the "activation fee" thing too heh. But at least i KNEW about it.. what i DIDNT know about (but they have since taken care of to my satisfaction thanks to Amanda, awesome official here) was the additonal 11 dollars and something that threw me into overdraft three days later... the lady on the phone KNEW i didnt have a dime extra in my account, she sat there on the phone for an hour with my wife while i went to put the last money i had in there because it came back insufficient funds when they added their "equipment fee" which was the other 10 bucks you got hit for more likely, or maybe it WAS your taxes, if not, expect to get hit with them later) Anyway, they did fix it for me, so i hope they fix it for you. (Not the activation fee mind you, but the unauthorized charges they fixed)