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Poor service and not honoring agreements

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Distinguished Professor IV

Could you please provide more information about this? If you have any case numbers, please post them so the HughesNet reps on this site can check what's going on and address it. 

I requested early termination . a supervisor persuaded me to keep service with agreement of 2 months no charge on my service since it had been down for 2 months. Not only did i get charged for the 2 months but they even added a extra 20$ . this exra 270$ coming outta my bank made my account be overdrawn for about 12 hours. But my bank charged me 180$ overdraft . they were gonna put the 180$ so longs as hughs net refunded the 270$ . hughsnet refused and instead said they would give me a 113$ credit on next month. Thia has cost me close to 500$ . im disabled and thats about the amount ithought id have til payday in 3 weeks. In 6 months of hughs net ive had 1 month of good service and 5 months of crap.  I think i can persude 3 orr 4 houses on my street to dump hughs net and i plan on trying the next street over and so on. Id like to hurt them as they have me. Lol. 2 billion dollar company. Treating disabled vets and elderly in such bad ways.  Shame on hughsnet

Distinguished Professor IV

I hope that a HughesNet rep (such as @Liz  or @Remy ) gets involved and has a look at your claims. If you were given any case numbers, it would speed things up if you posted them. 



I see it's your first post. Welcome to the Community! We'd love to look into this for you, but we'll need a bit more information first. I was unable to find your account linked to your Community profile, so please send your account number or a phone number attached to this link!




Ive got all i need to know and thats where to send hughsnets equipment and ive excepted the fact that instead od costing me 400$ or so to opt out of this poor service company that its gonna cost me closer to 1000$. But atleast my 6 month BAD EXPERENCE WILL be over . (I PRAY).

Distinguished Professor IV

Remy offered to look into your issue and help you. If  you're not looking for help, what is your purpose for opening a ticket on this site?