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Poor service not honoring agreements

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Poor service not honoring agreements

On June 29th i started service with this company the day i opened an account with you guys i was told false information which has caused me to have the same problems i had with the previous service i had. I have called almost every other day with complaints that my wifi and internet is not working. I have two PlayStations and the main reason why i switched internet service was because of the slow service of everything, still having the same problems with hughesnet and i was even promised faster service with online streaming. Calls are recorded so i want to file a complaint on your representative that gave false information. I ALSO purchased a wifi booster for $99.00 and that is not helping my internet speed, and my apps aren't loading on the TV causeing it's to be blurry and glitches. 

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You can request a sales call review. The HughesNet reps on this site can pull your sales call and listen to what the salesperson told you and what you replied, and can determine whether appropriate expectations were set. If it is found you were misled, you may have some recourse.  To request a sales call review, simply click the reply button and type in your request. 


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Regarding the PlayStation, if you're attempting to play real-time online games with it you're likely going to find it very difficult.  The latency is far to high with geostationary satellite internet to play those kinds of games.


Turn based games are fine, however.


Regarding the sales call review, it would be beneficial for you to describe the discrepancy, as in the difference between what you were told and what you're finding different.  For reference, however, "faster service" isn't something they can guarantee, as they don't guarantee a level of speed.  If they told you it was guaranteed, please make sure to note this in the review request.  




It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.