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Prices are ridiculous

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Prices are ridiculous

Seem to me hughesNet is not exactly ethical when it comes to full disclosure when signing up for services. I have been with them a year. At the time I was moving from Illinois to Arkansas. I had no prior dealings with them. When I signed up, i was told no hard data limits. But had to pick a plan. I questioned sale rep about this. I ask point blank " Does that mean unlimited?" His response was "well basically yes." BIG LIE. I was never told about buying tokens or such. Now Im stuck for another yr for service I can barely use. I simple cant afford cancellation fee. I will never reccomend this service to anyone. I'll drop this crap the minute contract is. I was duped and misled...most disgraceful business practices ever!!!!!
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The service is unlimited in that it is not cut off when you run out of your monthly allotment of high speed data.  It is not a lie.  As well, buying data tokens is a choice, not a necessity.  When you have exhausted your monthly allotment of high speed data the service speed is throttled to such that tends to still be enough for general browsing, but not necessarily more data intensive activities, such as streaming, or at least streaming in HD.    


If by "I can barely use it" refers to some type of technical issue, please start a new topic in Tech Support so that we can work on fixing the issue.  


It is important for one to thoroughly research a product or service before they purchase it, especially if a contract is part of that product or service.  

Thank for you reply. Your condescending tone was fabulous. . Im guessing you are not a Professor of tact or ethics.

I would cancel mine if I could even if I had to pay the cancellation fee, unfortunately I have no other choice since they are the only choice where I live. I pay almost $200 a month for 50GB and phone. Service is passable until we burn through the data allotment which usually takes 10 days. We do not stream any type of entertainment such as Netflix. Tried to get a larger data package,but the business plan which is cheaper is only 75GB and we use a significant portion of the bonus data each month so I that’s not really a viable option. Just waiting for an over air WIFI company to get a tower close to my home
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If you'd like help in figuring out why you're burning through so much data in such a short amount of time, please start a new topic in Tech Support.  Aside of streaming, game downloads through consoles can use a lot of data, as can connected satellite TV receivers (especially DirecTV receivers).  It's for this reason that the latter is NOT recommended.  There are other things that can use a lot of data, as are there ways to discover and combat that usage, including apps/programs and settings.  


Again, if you'd like help with figuring out what's burning through so much data, please start the mentioned new topic in Tech Support.  

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"Now Im stuck for another yr for service I can barely use. I simple cant afford cancellation fee. "


The cancellation fee is $400 for the first 3 months of service, but then gets smaller and smaller (I think it reduces $15 per month). You probably have already done this, but if you haven't, calculate how much you will be paying for the next 12 months, and then see how that compares to the cancellation fee.   

Thank you