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Sales call review

I was told by the sales rep I only needed 10 gb service plan for 2 people using net. I am unable to stream movies because it buffers constantly but it seems I still am out of data quickly. Please review my call. Unless service improves I will be canceling service when contract is up. I've increased plan and still almost out of data

thak you

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The buffering is eating your data because of the system's repeated attempts to download stuff.  10 GB a month means you can use an average of 0.322 GB a day (less than 1/3 of a GB). Any more than that and your data won't last the month.  Data intensive activities such as streaming can use large amounts of data per hour. Satellite internet's congestion and latency add to the issue. 


Satellite internet is not ideal for streaming. Satellite TV is better for watching live TV, including premium channels, and doesn't buffer or use any data. 


The reps will be back this coming week and will get back to you regarding the sales call. Keep checking the community for their response. 




Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the Community! I was able to pull up your account that was connected through your Community profile. From what I'm seeing, it appears you have about 30% of your monthly anytime data remaining. Are you still having issues with streaming while data is on the account, or does it become an issue only once the data has been depleted?




Did you listen to my sales call? The only reason I have data left is because I stream with my Verizon LTE. The streaming on U tube with Hughes net buffers more than it plays. I don't use Hughes net for anything unless Verizon doesnt work or I wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes I can stream a movie on prime. Does seem like my problem is not solved. 


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You may want to answer the question Remy asked.