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So tired of hugesnets charges

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So tired of hugesnets charges

tells me they will only charge me 82 and today I get the bill for 102, so I go down 10 gb thinking oh well its only 10 gb, now they want me to pay 72$ for 20 GB when I had 30 for 82! I called last week because I am so unhappy with service disconnecting frequently and they only wanted to waive half the service fee and me pay the other half... Exceed offered me 60$ for 30 gb in my area but now I cant even do that because I somehow agreed to 24 months when I did not consent to another 24 month contract! I cant get help, I cant lower my bill, this is ridiculous! 

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Keep in mind that plan prices do not include the lease fee for the equipment, nor applicable state and local taxes.  

I do not want to be in a contract with hugesnet anymore unless they give me back the same promotion plain and simple it isnt fair last week that I had 30 GB for 82 when now its 20 GB for 74. 


I cant even call hugesnet because every single time I do it goes to ask my number and when it asks to verify zip code I type my zip code and it cannot verify my account