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Distinguished Professor III

Re: Sorry

I'm only lonely for you, D. darling!   But your words are a comfort, and you have made my day, you sweet thang. 


Re: Sorry

Lol.. So you all can stalk people and tell them what they can and can not say..Humm. Just what I thought a bunch of geeks sitting behind a computer screen trying as you all stated.."PROFESSIONAL".
That's today's issue in society. Can run their tongues but have nothing constructive to say or add to the human mind .
So instead of taking this lady's post up. Like you seem so bent on doing .
Feel free to message me privately and if you like I would have no issue meeting with you and having a real adult conversation in public. Instead of you sitting on this forum being a keyboard warrior.
Now with that being said, you are the one once again that attacked my post just like in the past.
So I am not disgusted, just amazed at the people in society that behave like you.
So feel free to message me if you would like to.

Have a fantastic and blessed day.