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Too Much For Too Little....

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Rich Barney
New Member

Too Much For Too Little....

Hi everyone 😄 ! First time on here. My concern is that these kind folks charge an enormous fee for such little alloted gigage; I usually use up my monthly 5 gigs within a week.
Associate Professor

Well...  Let's look at costs.

Satellite in space = $500,000,000
17 Ground Stations = Probably around $1,000,000 a pop if not more
The monthly connection fee for fiber = I have not the closest clue, but it certainly can't be cheap.
Life expectancy of Satellite is 15 years... Hughes is also a company looking to make profits, it's not a charity.

so, at a minimum, $517,000,000/15 years = $34.4 Million per year that Hughes has invested towards a single satellite.  Now, consider that this thing has to be replaced more like every 10 years to be on the safe side, then consider the difference between a cable line and satellite.

In all honesty, that $50 to $60 for 5GB of data a month isn't that bad of a deal, especially when you sit and look at the likes of AT&T charging anywhere from $5 to $50 for every 1GB over (this depends on location, plan, blah blah blah).

How does it compare to your cell phone plan, if you have one? I had the option of either using a wireless hotspot, or going with HN. I couldn't afford the data costs of wireless so I went with HN and have been happy with the service so far.
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I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! If you feel that your current plan does not meet your needs, you can upgrade your plan online via the Support Center:

Alternatively, you can call us at your convenience at 866.347.3292 to switch plans.