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Totally not worth it

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Totally not worth it

I'm tired of this particular internet provider already. Tech supports lies on the phone to start off then supposedly had a 2 year lock in price for service that was a lie had the plan price change three times including a 40$ increase on the last month of the term. Would have high speed for 1 month out of 3 so downloads updates and other things would never happen had to wait 4 days just to let one of my systems do a 3gb update after the billing period just renewed. so if someone asks me about this provider in the future I will tell them they are garbage quality all the way around.
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 Looks like you may be unhappy with your service.  Fortunately, you can cancel it at any time and go on your merry way. 

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@Tanis_rikus wrote:
had the plan price change three times including a 40$ increase on the last month of the term.  

A subscriber's plan price will only increase if/when a promotional or special discount ends.   At no other time does a subscriber's plan price increase. 


The monthly bill can increase due to the aforementioned discounts ending and/or state/local taxes increasing. 


If you're having speed issues outside of normal evening congestion and/or plan data exhaustion and you would like help, please start a new topic in Tech Support concerning such.

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