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Underhanded, Misleading and Dishonest

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Underhanded, Misleading and Dishonest

Dear Hughesnet Customer Care, 

First, it is unbelievable to me that when speaking to a Customer Service Agent that they have no one over them that can take a call that needs more clarification than they can provide. To me that says that they can "say" or "speak" to any of your customer as they would like. I certainly hope that there is someone over them that is monitoring their phone calls and able to take escalated calls as needed. I worked in customer service for years and this is not common practice.

Second, onto how unbelievably sneaky and underhanded this company is; first, we waited almost 4 weeks for our installation of our internet as the technicians did not have the correct tools with them, on the third visit we finally received internet. We never complained or said anything we just lived without internet, not impossible. We get it, we live in Minnesota and sometimes weather can play a part in service, but that was not always the case here. We then paid over $200 for installation, and our monthly fee since. We have now sold our home, and are being told its another $300+ for disconnect and we have to mail all the equipment back to you or its an additional $300+. 

Third, this is a month to month contract. UNLESS, you decide to terminate because of a move, then you suddenly need to have used their services for 24 months. So, I was told that if I we used Hughesnet again at our new residence (which it is out of the area) then there would be no termination fee, but my question is; would I have to pay another $200+ for another hookup? 

This is terrible that you operate like this. In our move we have had to notify several companies to terminate our business with them, not one of them has charged an additional fee for it. And most cases we are not using the same company at our new residence.

So please let other buyers that are talking about getting this internet service, let them know that there are hidden fees if you have to move or any other situation that may cause you to have to terminate with them. 

Very dissatisfied Customer! 

Distinguished Professor IV

There is no 'month to month' contract with HughesNet. All service requires a 24 month commitment at the beginning of the service, or when a major upgrade is performed, such as from a legacy plan to Gen5 service. This has nothing to do with moving. They offer a moving service, but if moving the service is not desired and cancellation of the service is requested before the fulfillment of that 24 month commitment there is an Early Termination Fee, which is dependent on how much time is left in the commitment. It's $400 for the first 90 days after service activation, then $15 less each month thereafter. Unless you purchased the equipment, the modem, the power supply for the modem and the radio from the dish must be returned or there is a fee charged for them. 


All of this information is freely available in the HughesNet Subscriber Agreement. You can read the subscriber agreement here


For the moving service there is no charge for a standard relocation installation, though there may be charges if there is a non-standard installation, though I don't know what qualifies as non-standard. There is, however, a new 24 month commitment requirement and a $99 activation fee. You can read about the moving service here.


For reference, I'm not a HughesNet rep and have no connection to them other than being a former HughesNet subscriber and a longtime community member.  

Okay, I guess I will wait to hear from a Hughesnet Rep then, thanks for your input. 



Thanks for reaching out! I see these are your first posts. Welcome to the Community! In regards to our customer service agents, we like to attempt to resolve the issue at hand before escalating a call to a supervisor. All agents should be able to transfer a call to a supervisor, as long as there is one available. 


I would like to concur with Gabe's comments as well. All services require a 24 month commitment at the beginning of service. We do not offer a month to month contract. Moving services have no charge for relocation unless there are non-standard practices required to complete the installation at the new location. Outside of that, there is the $99 activation fee Gabe mentioned.


We'd love to help look into your account to see what we can do to help further and notate in regards to the agent who initially spoke with you. However, it seems we are unable to locate your account through your Community profile. Please send a private message to the link attached below with your account number or a phone number tied to the account.







Upon looking into your account, it seems the agent you spoke with upon cancellation went ahead and waived the Early Termination Fee for you! You shouldn't be incurring any cancellation charges. Please let us know if you have any more questions!