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Upgrading plan

I am a few months into a contract with Hughes net. If I decide to upgrade to a better plan, do I get an entirely new contract or just start paying the higher fee? Can you go back down to a lower contract at a later time in the two year contract?
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If you just change plans you do not extend your commitment.
if you do an equipment change..say from a 7000 to 9000 or or to a Gen4 HT1100 then you will start a new commitment.
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Watch out! I noticed Hughes was offering a better plan than I had. So I called, the gal said sure, no problem!! Well a month or so later I got a $200 dollar bill. As it turned out, she never canceled my original contract! I fought with their idiot accountants to get is straighten out! What a nightmare!

Guess I'm not going to upgrade. I went to "My offers" and they want $50 more per month for additional 5000 MB. It was only $20 more if I had taken the higher plan when I signed up. Live and learn.
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Go to My Dashboard, Support, Service Upgrades lower right, that will show you true options and cost.
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That is a high cost for an extra 5GB per month.  It sounds like you might be on the same plan I am, and the only higher plan available is the one for $129.99.  Quite a leap in price for not much extra allowance, though the speed is a higher up to rate. 

You may already know this, but there are a lot of things you can adjust so that you don't go through a lot of data.  Of course, if your reason for wanting to upgrade is to be able to watch on demand films and TV shows and such, all the adjustments in the world aren't going to help with that, save for watching said films/shows in SD.

My 15/50GB plan is actually overkill for me.  I chose that only because I figured I would need it, plus I got $10 off per month for a year.  As it turns out, I would be fine with the 10/50GB plan, and could actually squeak by with the 5/50GB plan, if I needed to.  I just make sure nothing is automated that doesn't have to be, and I don't use the cloud or syncing.  Also, this is with three PCs running Windows 10. 

I hope you can adjust your computer(s) to be able to fit your existing plan.      

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It appears to be the same plan. I am going to have to look at everyone's ideas to see where data is going. We don't use on demand, Netflix, etc. It's just two computers and a tablet. I do a lot of web searching, many times during Bonus Bytes early a.m. hours. I have used 27% of my time in 7 days. I did have a problem the other day with Direct Tv connecting to my internet, which I never do. After a half hour on the phone troubleshooting, they had me disconnect an Ethernet cable to get it to disconnect. Normal process to disconnect would not work. Could just being connected to Direct TV for several hours eat up data?
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Eek!  Cut that cable!  LOL.  DirecTV will for sure eat through your data like there's no tomorrow.   

I had connected my DirecTV to Hughesnet last year when I had my old legacy Pro plan.  I just wanted to see if it would connect with wifi.  Well, when I did so, it changed a lot of things on my DTV receiver, as it now thought I could use the internet for it all the time.  I was able to disconnect it from wifi, so to speak, but the changes that had taken place didn't revert to what they had been pre wifi.  To make a long story short, I ended up having to do a factory reset to get it back to normal.  I lost everything on my DVR.  Two reps couldn't help me to figure out what to do, and I had to figure out the factory reset on my own.  Even though I lost everything, it was worth getting it back to normal. 

If you have Windows 10 on the computers, you will want to make sure that they aren't using the cloud (OneDrive) and aren't syncing.  To turn syncing off go to settings,  accounts, then "sync your settings."  The top option on that page should be to turn your sync settings on or off.  Turn it off.  As for the cloud (OneDrive), it may be on in your system tray.  Right click it and go into the settings (I forget exactly what it says) and change it so it doesn't start on startup.  I can't remember if there's anything else to change on it, but check anyway.  Then exit out of it to turn it off for that time.  It won't start again when your computer starts next time.  The last thing with regard to the cloud is to go into settings, system, then storage.  Make sure all of the save locations are somewhere on your computer, whether "This PC" or your C drive.  Just make sure none of them say anything about the cloud.

Also, go into settings, then Update & Security.  Click on Advanced Options, then Choose how updates are delivered.  Turn off "updates from more than one place."  That's another thing that will eat up some bandwidth.      

Then make sure Facebook isn't set to play videos automatically. 

Those few things alone will probably save you a lot of bandwidth. 

Ryzen 5 3400G | MSI B450M Pro-M2 MAX | 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 | XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB NVMe | Windows 10 Pro

Thanks for all that. I'm going to go through all your steps today!

Good morning cwestscott92, 

Thanks for posting, glad to see you got your answers.  Just for future reference, and for anyone else who may be reading, you can upgrade your service plan yourself online.

How to Upgrade Your
Service Plan

1. Visit your Support Center here:


2. Click the “Sign In” tab to visit your sign in


3. Enter your HughesNet user ID and password, then
click the “Sign In” button to sign in.


4. Click the “Support” tab.


5. Click the “Service Upgrades” button.  

6. Enter your SAN and zip code where you would like
service, then click “Continue”.


7. Click to select the plan that best fits your

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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