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Vacation Status

Before I signed-on the Hughes Net I was told by two different representatives that I could put my service on vacation status for up to 6 months during the year and would not be billed.  I cannot find any place on the Hughes New website to request to be placed on vacation status.  Does anyone have experience with this?

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As far as I know, during a suspension of services one is still responsible for taxes and lease fees (if leasing) on the equipment.  A suspension also suspends the time counted toward your contract, meaning it would push ahead the end of the contract for as long as you suspend the service.  


I believe you have to call the billing department to suspend your service.  You can do so at 866-347-3292, and you can ask them for the specifics of a vacation or seasonal suspension.  

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I called customer service (866-347-3292) and finally chose thru enough options to talk to a human in the billing department.  He was in the Phillipines.  He was knowledgeable and spoke English very well.  He was able to put us on vacation hold beginning on the tenth of next month and he was able to arrange for our service to be re-instated on the tenth of October.  While on vacation mode we will still be billed the equipment lease fee and taxes.