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Very unhappy customer

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Very unhappy customer

On October 29th 2019 I called and got a quote for services at 49.95 a month. I got sent a email with a diffrent price. It was said we were being recored when we started our converstaion. So im requesting the recording from October 29th 2019 to be reviewed. I agreed on the 49.95 not 67 dollar monthly bill. im not understanding why did they pull money from my account on Octobeer 31st 2019  $9.98 and November 4th  2019 $8.47.

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You can see the charges under My Account.  The invoice (look under Current Invoice) will show an itemisation of what you are being charged for. 

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The $49.95 is the plan price, but there is also $14.99 equipment lease fee and taxes.  


The two other charges likely have to do with taxes and/or some type of prorated charges, but you can sign into the MyAccount site to see, as maratsade explained.  Check your invoices on the "My Bill" page.


Edit:  While viewing an invoice, you can scroll down to see the Descriptions of the charges, each of which you can click on for a further breakdown.

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Agree they have mislead us, when I signed up for the Promo for the "49.00" a month for 2 years (yes 2 years I have a copy of the email) there was NO MENTION of a fee for the equipment OR and extra charge for a paper bill, My first month is 61.39 and supposedly Im locked into this for at least a year?? phone calls to customer support are of no help...

Im warning ALL who are thinking of using them of the false information they are sending out  


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