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Why are all the stories of the salesman the same?

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Why are all the stories of the salesman the same?

The service is horrible.  Our saleman tolds us we could stream 2 hd movies a month, and watch tv through wifi, run my security cameras etc.  All a lie.  I want out of this contract.  This is the worst service I have ever had.  After 3 months, I run out of data in 9 days.  Can not watch movies at all.  I can not run my security cameras.  I can not work from home and use my VPN.  We had a choice between Hughes and Century Link.  Neighbors told us their experience with Hughes, I should have listened to them.

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Re: Why are all the stories of the salesman the same?



If it's been no more than about three months since your sales call, which from your description may be about there, the reps can probably have your sales call pulled for review.  If it's determined that the sales person did not set appropriate expectations, you may have recourse.  


Please keep in mind that only the actual sales calls are available for review, and only those placed with HughesNet themselves (no local dealers). 


The reps are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 5PM EST.  You'll likely get a reply from one on Monday.  The sales call review itself, however, can take up to a week.  


If you'd like help with your apparent issues, OTOH, please start a new topic in Tech Support.

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Re: Why are all the stories of the salesman the same?

Hello @paulbergeron64,


Thank you for posting. If you believe you have been misled on the capabilities of the service, I can review the sales call if it is within the parameters listed above. As GabeU also stated, this investigation can take up to a week to be completed. Once I have the results, I will send you a private message with the results. Thank you for your patience in advance.