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online payment

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online payment

This is lognwinded but bare with it because I know I am not the only one. I subscribed to Hughesnet 12/23/2019, paid my bill in advance and immediately set up online billing and autopay.  January and February were fine.  Then in March I noticed my payment hadn't posted to my bank account.  Looked at my Hughesnet account online and checked payment history.  The payment had been reversed.  I contacted my bank and requested they research the payment.  They indicated the vendor had withdrawn the transaction.  This is not the same as reversing the transaction.  So I contacted Hughesnet via email to find out what happened.  Three days later I got a reply telling me that my payment methos wasn't valid.  It was, but they are idiots so I changed my payment method.  I paid my bill and got a confirmation of the payment, so I logged off and was content.  The transaction appeared in my bank account two days later which was odd.  At the end of April I received a letter stating that my service would be disconnected if I did not pay the balance of my account which totalled two months of service!  I logged into my Hughesnet account and the payment I made in March did not appear in history!  After waiting on hold over a period of four days and a total of 19 hours, I finally got a person on the phone.  She proceeded to inform me that my bank had rejected the transaction.  NO! My bank showed me my account history (special procedure they hate to do) and there was never a transaction submitted from Hughesnet.  After 42 minutes talking to Gloria she finally admitted that their system may have a problem, because she couldn't get my payment to post with my credit or debit card, nor ACH account withdrawal.   But she issued a support ticket and said I would be contacted.  The confirmation I received from Hughesnet said I had contacted residential support and would need to contact business support for my issue!  No offer to help at all!  Needless to say, we have been sending a check each month to pay our bill, but it is never posted to our account until we call.  Every month I am getting a past due notice.  Today they turned off my service for non-payment.  This is all the while Hughesnet satellite sucks! I run a business I need service and .3mps (yes, decimal point 3) doesn't cut it!  Not when I was guaranteed at least 4-6mps!  Unfortunately I am in a remote area and have no other option except to move.  I am fed up with Hughesnet.  I will be launching a fraudulent advertising campaign as well.  And, oh yes, you moderators suck as well!

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Re: online payment

" I will be launching a fraudulent advertising campaign as well. "


Really? What will you be advertising fraudulently? 


Re: online payment

Hello swscaffold,


I pulled up your account and I see you have SME/business account. Please note this community is geared towards our residential customers; the moderators have limited capabilities with business accounts. If you need support, please call 800.347.3272. We appreciate your understanding.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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