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Who Me Too'd this solution


Good morning randyill221,


I'm glad you found the community again, thank you for posting. I can definitely help with this. I pulled up your account and looked at the last two bills to see you were on the Gen 4 Power plan which offered 10 GB in Service Plan Data and 10 GB during the Bonus Zone. You changed your plan to the Gen 4 Choice plan which only offers 5 GB Service Plan Data. The Gen 4 Power plan is no longer available, so I put you on the Gen 4 Prime Plus plan, which best matches your previous plan, and it's better! The Gen 4 Prime Plus plan cost the same as your old Power plan, you got back the 10 GB Service Plan Data, and now you have 50 GB available during the Bonus Zone!


Since plan changes are immediate, there might be some minor proration adjustments on your next bill, so please keep that in mind.


Hope that helps!

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Who Me Too'd this solution