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Re: Gen 5 speeds are slowing down

My HT2000W modem is back up to speed. In the morning during bonus data hours l ran a speed test and it was still slow. I re-enabled the 5.0 Ghz network that I had disabled during all of the testing and troubleshooting and as usual it didn't show up on my computer but did on my phone. So l connected to the 5.0 network on my phone and ran a download speed test of 42Mbps! So l switched back to 2.4 on my phone and ran in the 40s. Went back to my computer on 2.4 network and had a download speed of 43Mbps. So really all that was done was disable 5.0, re enable and connect to 5.0 and switch back to 2.4 . Maybe the upcoming firmware update will help. Thanks to everyone for their help and patience.

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Who Me Too'd this solution