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Re: I just don't get it

As a reminder, this HughesNet Community is an online forum owned by Hughes to provide an area for support. Whether this be from one customer to another or a moderator to a customer - we encourage everyone to lend a hand to your peers.


However it is difficult to wade through the numerous topics, posts and messages that Liz and I must read one by one every day. Soliciting legal action, pushing others to visit agency websites, and anything which is not allowed in our community by our terms and conditions can be removed or result in a suspension of the user's account(s). The more of these we get, the longer threads end up and the longer it takes us to help other customers.  This isn't to censor or hide anything. You are welcome to speak your frustrations and we've always been open in that way, but taking these other "avenues" will only prolongue your issues and frustrations as you wait.


Simply put we want to help everyone, we want happy customers and we would ideally love to have your issue fixed or an investigation opened, maybe even called up an engineer about it before we even respond to someone. Unfortunately when trying to figure out what is a call for assistance or what isn't, we can't do that. 


If everyone can please take a moment review our terms and conditions for this community page before continuing to post in our community. This thread will be locked.


Thank you,




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Who Me Too'd this solution