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Absolutely Useless.


Re: Absolutely Useless.

@maratsade wrote:

"social media: noun, websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking."


You're right, that's what social media is. And this community is not social media, as it is not  for enabling users to create and share content nor to participate in social networking.  And it's definitely not for venting. If you would like to vent, go to social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the like). 

I was waiting for your reply.

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Re: Absolutely Useless.

@thewarehouse wrote: 

Well, gee. You're a tough one.

Maybe so, but arguing the definitions of social media and the description of this particular section seems pointless and makes absolutely no difference to the fact that this community is not for venting.  It's nothing against you, just the argument you're apparently trying to make.

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Re: Absolutely Useless.

Aww, bless your heart. 


thewarehouse wrote:


I was waiting for your reply.


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Re: Absolutely Useless.

Not to be pedantic, but...


This is just a message board for the purpose of customer-assisted support.


This particular forum under this message board is meant as a light-hearted relief from some of the consternation that occurs in some of the other forums. A break room, if you will. It can appear to be social media-like given the content, but that's as far as it goes.


We really do frown on any kind of venting and negativity in this forum because although that might seem light-hearted to some, it isn't. All it does is defeat the forum's purpose.

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