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New to HN and was told we could stream "a few games a month" but then our data would decrease. What they failed to tell us is that the buffering would make anything and everything unwatchable. Called tech support and was told "there is nothing we can do" but that recorded shows and games would not buffer. This is untrue as I just tested it. Any ideas on what to try?

Distinguished Professor IV

If the show is recorded, it wouldn't be using data or be connected to the internet, so there would not be any buffering.   Where are these shows being recorded to, and what do you use to watch them?


Latency and congestion affect satellite internet and there's nothing to be done about it,as it's related to the technology itself, the laws of physics, and users trying to do data intensive activities on a limited data environment.  

if you want to watch games, why not get satellite TV? That uses no data and there's no buffering unless the weather is really bad.