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“How Do Satellites Communicate?” an AR Experience

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“How Do Satellites Communicate?” an AR Experience

Did You Know?

“How Do Satellites Communicate?” is the latest 4-H at Home activity
co-produced with HughesNet. Through an augmented reality experience,
users can explore an animated satellite model to learn about its parts
and how they work together to bring internet access to homes across the
world. Visit or scan the QR code to begin exploring
and share with others! (Best experienced on a smartphone or tablet.)




Distinguished Professor IV

Seemed interesting, but two issues: 1, it doesn't work on the HughesNet network (too data intensive??); 2, I tried it on a non-satellite network and it loaded the page, but then nothing happened. I selected AR and it used the camera to show the view from my camera, then it began playing music, but that's all it did. I was just seeing through my camera and hearing music.  I waited a few minutes, but nothing changed.  Is it April 1?? 🤣🤣🤣


EDIT: Third time was the charm. It worked this time but it's very slow loading, even on very fast Internet. It's cool, though. 

Distinguished Professor IV

It's pretty neat. I had to use my mouse, as I don't have a touch screen with my PC, but I learned a couple of things about how it stays oriented that I didn't know. Well, I figured it could maneuver, but I wasn't quite sure how, but I had no clue it had something that monitored the position of stars to make sure it stays properly oriented.

Distinguished Professor IV

I just tried it and it actually works better on the HN network if you go through the Web as opposed to a smart device. 🙂


And yes, it's pretty cool! I learned a few things too.