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Interesting (speed and Youtube)...

Distinguished Professor IV

Interesting (speed and Youtube)...

While I'm getting this....


Sub 1Mbps speedSub 1Mbps speed

I can still do this (with the VDS turned off, of course)...


1080p HD1080p HD


And I made sure to show the time so you can see that the Youtube vid was played directly after the speed test.  


Also, I posted this here because it's not a tech issue.  It's just something interesting.  I can browse without issue, as well, of course.  

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Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Interesting (speed and Youtube)...

I can browse fine too with speeds between 500 and 900 kbps.  Under 500 and the browsing begins to slow down.  As for Youtube, it depends. Sometimes things play, sometimes they buffer every few seconds.