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Liz & Amanda


Liz & Amanda

This post was written In response to GabeU who suggested the post had gone off the rails and as a result copied both of you. This is the response I was writing simultaneously as the thread was closed:


You too GabeU are part of the problem on this forum. I understand if you want to help people - if they want your help. But you and MarkJ have no authority to spout off what Hugesnet disclaimers state, tell people they're out-of-line, or speak for Hugesnet on a number of other issues that concern customers. Quite frankly it only creates animosity towards Hugesnet and fuels anger. For the life of me I don't understand how Hugesnet corporate allows this to happen. Using folks like you and MarkJ as a firewall is not only bad publicity but a business model that I feel will only nick away at Hugesnet already thin credibility.
Interesting, that when I read Liz or Amanda's responses to posts they use tact and interpersonal skills to diffuse the issue. It allows people to feel like they're being taken care of. This is in contrast to how you and MarkJ respond when someone complains that their service is down and they're not able to work, sell stock or whatever the situation happens to be. Case in point, during a most recent post you copied and posted Hugesnet's disclaimer and told the customer that Hugesnet owed him nothing. This is not your responsibility. If someone has a complaint like this they should be referred to a Hugesnet employee. If you want to assist with a technical problem and customers are OK with your assistance fine, but if it goes beyond that I suggest you refer them to Liz or Amanda. Both of you are way out-of-line  and it's creating problems. Liz, Amanda, I agree this post has gone off the tracks but it was fueled by what I just stated. I feel some ground rules need to be set and quite frankly it's both of your responsibilities to not let these two get out-of-hand. To sit back and read some of the posts these two write and do nothing about it is a dereliction of your duties as Hugesnet employees. Said another way, both of you are the standard bearers for the company and need to get more involved.  I'd be more than happy to take this to the corporate level along with multiple examples to prove my point if you don't want to deal with it. I don't think this was the original intent of this forum but a lack of oversight allowed it to evolve to this point.






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Re: Liz & Amanda

@skybox wrote:

Case in point, during a most recent post you copied and posted Hugesnet's disclaimer and told the customer that Hugesnet owed him nothing. This is not your responsibility.

I copied and pasted nothing.  I responded to a post.  


From the start you have been disruptive, you've hijacked posts, you've made baseless accusations, you have been argumentative to those who have attempted to help you when you needed that help, and you've picked and chosen parts of replies to fit the narrative you wish, as is evidenced by your claim above about my most recent reply.  


And you've now started a topic that is a personal attack.  








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Re: Liz & Amanda

That's my whole point with you and MarkJ, my posts may be pointless to you but they're not pointless to me.  I can accept the fact that you may not agree with me, and if you don't agree then please don't respond. Leave it to a Hugesnet employee to respond. Again, feel free to assist those who are looking for technical help but I and many others don't want your opinion. If I have a complaint about lack of service over a three day holiday that's not your concern, period. If a Hugesnet employee wants to respond that's their right, not yours.  Unfortunately, there isn't another forum to voice a complaint only this one. 

And don't accuse me of hijacking threads, MarkJ and I were going back and forth and it was you who jumped in and suggested the thread be closed. What gives you the right to suggest that? Again, you two put your nose where it doesn't belong. I said it before and I'll say it again let Hugesnet employees respond to controversial subject matter. Keep your participation to issues where people ask for help. Beyond that it's not your issue.


Lastly, it doesn't matter how I frame a concern. I feel my issues are legitimate whether you agree or not. A while back when I had an issue you initially disagreed but over time after Liz got involved it was determined that the spot beam I was on was indeed saturated and was switched to Gen5.  That was when I decided I was through with the so-called community help. I said this ad nauseam, the only help or response I want is from a Hugesnet employee.  In other words,  you do not have anymore helpful knowledge than I do. I know how to do a speed test, reboot and program my router, check the number of devices on the system etc., and I'm quite familiar with networks.  The kind of help I'm interested in is not saturating a spot beam with so many customers that after 6 PM I can forget about streaming even in standard definition, or when the system fails on a three day holiday someone is there to fix it.  These are issues you or other community members have no control over.  Hence, your opinions are useless to me.   I stand by my assertion that Hugesnet uses people like you as a firewall on controversial issues when it's their job to face and respond to criticism not a so-called community member. Lastly, I didn't start the issue with MarkJ, it was his initial attitude to my post that rubbed me the wrong way and started this long debate.  If this would have been Liz or Amanda they would have immediately diffused my frustration and the issue would have been quickly resolved. MarkJ used a different tactic. This is why community members should only get involved when help is requested.  

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Re: Liz & Amanda

@skybox wrote:


A while back when I had an issue you initially disagreed but over time after Liz got involved it was determined that the spot beam I was on was indeed saturated and was switched to Gen5.  That was when I decided I was through with the so-called community help. 

I disagreed with nothing.  You're making claims of something that never happened.


Your posts on this site speak for themselves.  Disruptive posts, hijacking threads, repeatedly circumventing foul language filters and violating community guidelines in doing so, baseless accusations and now personal attacks.  


I'm finished with this.  I will continue to give of my time to help those asking for help regardless of your opinion, but I will no longer deal with someone who comports themselves in the manner in which you do.  And one last observation.  You seem to get into disagreements with a lot of people on here.  What, or rather who, is the common denominator?  You may want to think about that.  

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Re: Liz & Amanda

I never asked for your assistance to begin with.  And if you research my past posts, I believe I had a very legitimate complaint that bore out after six pages of debate with community members and finally Liz.  Do you remember?   After enduring multiple people chiming in about me not cooperating, when the bandwidth charts were finally reviewed my concern was validated. That is, the beam was indeed saturated. If you also recall, this is where you posted the disclaimer I mentioned above in which you just denied. Further, you agreed with MarkJ about a sarcastic remark he made about me. All because I was being persistent and wouldn't accept the technical hyperbole being dished out. So don't act so sanctimonious about all this. I was also called a troll by corrosion, remember now? 


So hopefully all the folks you "cc" to come to your defense, I sure hope they read how you and MarkJ responded to me during my past issue solidifying why I don't want your help or opinions again. Here is a novel suggestion to avoid this crap in the future. Put another category on the home page titled:  Concerns for Hugesnet Mods.  

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Re: Liz & Amanda

Real leaders take responsibility for their actions. I may have admittedly gone too far in this case and backed off, but you sir are taking self-importance and victim-playing to a brand new level. Do not intimate for one second that I or anyone else here is responsible for what you do. "He made me" isn't an argument. It's on you and you alone.


And as for your assumptive (and insulting) 33 years of service comment: I PCSed here 31 years ago with 9 years prior, so I'll see your 33 and raise you 7. If you're looking to poke fun at my keeping in shape: I run three 10ks a week. As old as I am I'll still beat your best PT time on any track, on any day of the week, in any weather.


Bottom line: Your use of your military service as a weapon to try and beat someone down in an attempt to prove you're more of a patriot is nauseating. I won't stand for that and I doubt anyone else who has served in any capacity would either. You really should be ashamed of yourself. No one in the military, past or present, legitimately brags about their service like that unless they're joking.


Not to a civilian. Not to another hooey. No one.

We're done now.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Liz & Amanda

Suit yourself. You've been aptly warned in advance that *your* attitude won't be tolerated by the real powers that be.

Not to worry. I've already made book not to deal with you at all in the future.

Good luck with your "I can do what I want, where I want" attitude, sport. It doesn't work like that in real life. Have a special day.


It wasn't used as a weapon or bragging but as a response to you trying to lecture me about life. I sure don't need anyone including you to tell me how real life works. Further, you started this whole debacle with your flippant remark about me posting in the wrong forum so don't try to mask your responsibility in this matter by attempting to shame me about my military service. I could care less what you or anyone else thinks about my past. And don't insinuate my service is presumptive, I would never stoop to that level. I have to ask though I have never heard of anyone except general officers with  40 years of service. Are you saying 9 years of active and 31 years of reserve?  Usually folks only get a total of 30. Like to know how that worked? In my case the extension of world responsibilities extended my service beyond 30.  I do apologize and respect your service but that's as far as the apology goes. 


Re: Liz & Amanda

Up at the very top it says. HughesNet Support Community 

Look up the word community.  All these people try to do is help..  They don't get paid and they don't have to do it.  The moderators have other jobs and can not be on here 24 hours a day.  Give them a break..  Give everybody here a break and chill out...


Re: Liz & Amanda

Hi, I just want to step in and clear up a couple things.


To start off with, the moderators set up the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. We strive to keep our community forums categorized so that we can better address customer's concerns appropriately. This is to ensure everyone gets assistance and someone's voiced complaints are not looked over. When signing up for the support center and being a participant of the community, you adhere to these guidelines and terms. Please keep this in mind before posting and/or responding to others. 


Our fellow community members take the time to help out where they can. Oftentimes, they will provide the same information that Liz, Amanda, and others will post, such as speed tests, data depletion tests, etc. If there is anything they post that's incorrect, we will address it with them privately. In addition, we are helping multiple people, so sometimes our responses may be delayed. This is part of why you'll see customers respond before one of us usually, but we do our best to respond in a timely manner. I will apologize on behalf of Mark's response if it rubbed you the wrong way. However, this doesn't grant a reason to instigate an argument with him or with anyone else. 


Bottom line for everyone to remember: Please keep your posts civil. 


In regards to your previous post, skybox, we will go ahead and get the credit taken care of for you for the inconvenience.


I'm closing this thread to avoid this conversation from escalating any further.