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Nearly 15 years of HughesNet.

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Nearly 15 years of HughesNet.



Long time user. Been with HughesNet for as long as I can remember. Live in the country, with not many other options. I've grown accustomed to the service, and even when it's bad, I almost never complain.


This week, I bought a game. It had to be updated, and I quickly ran out of High-Speed data. I'm use to waiting, even up to 12 hours to update a game, and never complain. But this time, I did the math about 4 hours in, and it was going to take another 5 days to update. (Nothing else was running on my network, btw).


I reached out through chat, complaining that the update was going an average of .07mbps, and that my ping was averaging over 9,000ms. My ping went back to normal, and then chat disconnected. 


I called customer service, who told me I could have 3GB of data for free, and when asked if it should be operating at .07mbps with a 9,000 average ping, my concerns were ignored, because the tokens would fix it, and I could just buy more if I needed it (which would have cost  almost as much as the game, to finish).


I then came to this forum to see if someone would actually look into my system. I'm not an expert, but after almost 15 years of experience, I personally thought a 9,000ms ping and .07mbps download on Gen5 might be a red flag. It is at least, unusual in my experience.


My post was marked as spam, and despite reaching out, it is still marked as spam. 


I am here, mostly to complain, as I have done-so very little throughout  the years. 


Today, I signed up for another internet provider. It will probably be bad, as most services where I live are, but at least they spoke to me, and addressed the questions and concerns I had.


Will be canceling HughesNet today. If you read all of this, thank you for listening to my rant. I hope you have a better experience with HughesNet than I have.

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Best of luck with your new ISP!