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Teach Your Kids About Electrical Currents with a Fun 4-H Activity!

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Teach Your Kids About Electrical Currents with a Fun 4-H Activity!

With Labor Day behind us and kids back to school, it can be hard to get back into learning mode, particularly after many long summer days. To help with this summer education slide, HughesNet and 4-H offer kids a series of exciting STEM activities they can do from home. For example, kids can explore electrical currents and their power with the HughesNet and 4-H “Science Bug” STEM Activity, which focuses on pairing electricity and biology into one fun activity to create their very own light-up Science Bug necklace.

To try this activity with your kids and family, all you’ll need is:

• 3 LED lights
• 1 watch battery
• String
• Printer paper
• Electrical tape
• Colored markers
• Scissors

Visit this link for a step-by-step guide that your kids can follow to build their own light-up bug. Kids can personalize their bug however they’d like, using markers, stick on gems, string, stickers, and other objects around the house. Let their creativity run wild. Whether they are making a ladybug, a bumblebee, or their very own imaginary bug, “Science Bug” is sure to engage and teach kids about the power of electrical currents. Be sure to share your kids’ creations in the comments!