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Time to bid adieu

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Time to bid adieu

I live on the back side of a mountain in WVA.  Cell service isn’t even LTE here.  But I used to be a  happy camper.  I went right from dial up to Gen 3 in 2010 and upgraded to Gen 4 in 2014.   I’ve even used this service over VPN and although it was slow, it was workable.  For 7 years.


Something happened in September and by December, it was no longer tolerable.  It was becoming difficult to work at home and even trying to read emails would give me a dreaded “we’re sorry, but an error has occurred” message.  I didn’t even bother with tech support after finding this forum (except for evaporating tokens).  Didn’t have that kind of time or the ability to deal with an additional level of frustration.  I just sucked it up. 


Streaming or games?  Ya right.  With poor download speeds (sometimes in the kbps), worse upload speeds and a 20G data plan?  Ya right.


But the cable gods smiled on me and granted my prayer in December.  True HSI/unlimited was finally brought into my neighborhood and I never really knew what I was missing.  (Well I did, but there was no use crying over it). 


Believe it or not, decent internet is not a nice to have.  Even without movie streaming or games, our kids are at a distinct disadvantage without it.   Commerce depends on it.


I truly feel for those of you having issues with your service and have no other options.  As for me, my service ends at midnight tonight.  I took great pleasure in speaking with one of those script readers yesterday to cancel it.  And I know that if I ever move again, HSI will be a requirement in the area I end up in.  Never going back to this.  I hope HughesNet can get its act together and provide a value added service for their customers.  See ya.

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FGG wrote: 


But the cable gods smiled on me and granted my prayer in December.   

You lucky bugger!  They have a "Broadband For All" initiative in NY, and I'm keeping my hopes up, though in a tempered fashion.  My area is supposedly one that will have ground based broadband by the end of this year.   


I've had HughesNet since Dec 2004, but if this happens I will be bidding them adieu, as well.  

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Congrats! Anyone who says they wouldn't trade satellite internet for high speed cable isn't being honest. The lower latency alone is like having double the speed. I see it when I use my 4g LTE hot spot.


Congratulations and good luck on whatever you do.


* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.