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Utter, complete failure by Hughesnet.

New Member

Utter, complete failure by Hughesnet.

Months, literally months without service.
We are done with Hughesnet. Years ago we were happy customers. Why? It worked.
This is day four and it is offline again.
No antenna misalignment.
Problem has been and remains at control center computers.
Multiple service call failures.
I needed internet that actually works.
I will not ever recommend this service to anyone again.
Twenty miles from town, I needed real internet and phone. I will just have to drive to town and find a wifi spot.
I am 66yo and tech savvy. I worked for a great internet, long distance, local phone, and cable TV provider in Alaska.
Now I am retired and this company cannot provide service that lasts more than a few days and the problems kept happening.
Gen5 modem router works fine as a router in my home. It's working fine now. But Hughesnet is offline and this is just day four since the last tech was here.
I am done. Hughesnet, come take this antenna off my house and take your gear away. Just get it out of here. I am ashamed that I even tried you.
Very sincerely divorcing you,
Ken Fisher, Nine Mile Falls

Re: Utter, complete failure by Hughesnet.

Sorry, to hear your having issues too.  You might get some help if you post in Tech Support thread.  (maybe you have just a suggestion)  Hope it all gets worked out soon.