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Why I canceled service with hughesnet after 15 years

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Why I canceled service with hughesnet after 15 years

Called and asked for an extension of my vacation mode, told it couldn’t be extended and to continue would have to have it on for 6 months, guess for the mice to use. This is the way to lose a long time customer, as I promptly canceled my service.  DIRECTV and my local telephone company allowed for indefinite suspension. Guess Hughesnet thinks it has a strangle hold on their customers, if they are willing to lose one of their first customers like me, I will make it a point to never return and to discourage others

Distinguished Professor IV

Actually, DirecTV allows for a maximum suspension of six months within a twelve month period.  It allows a maximum of two suspensions during that twelve month period, but with a maximum of six months total suspension.  A service limiting suspensions to six months during a given twelve month time period is an industry standard.  


Good luck with your new ISP.  🙂  


Hi Loli, I am sorry we were unable to help you. Our maximum time frame for a suspension is 180 days so again I apologize. I hope you enjoy your new ISP.