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I want out of this service!!!

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I want out of this service!!!

After the first month with great speed and a gift of unlimited data. We burn our data in 2 days!!!! 50$ for 2 days??? We use 6 G on our cell plan and can make it 26-28 days. I want to cancel my service after one month!!! I feel ripped off. I feel scammed! Bait in switched after the first month! Help!!
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Re: I want out of this service!!!

To cancel you need to call 866-347-3292.  Be aware that cancellation fees may apply.

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Re: I want out of this service!!!

My mom was also wanting to cancel and was told it would cost her 200.00 Where is the contract? She never signed anything. What good is 80.00 a month if you can't even get on the internet at all????

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Re: I want out of this service!!!

When you sign up for service, you will be notified of your contract in one of two ways at a minimum.  When you call, the sales agent goes over a brief summary of the contract, including cancelation costs, and agents make disclaimers depending on previous answers the customer gave them.  If the customer provides a valid email address during the sales call, they will get an email from Hughesnet that contains a link to the contract in full.

If you sign up online, you are required to submit an email address, and you are told point blank about the contract at several points in the sign up process.

The last time I had a terminal go through its activation, it actually brought up contractual information before it would allow me to go online.  The moment that the terminal sees you select "Accept" is the moment you agree in full to the contract.

If you would like to view your mothers contractual terms and conditions, then you will find everything at

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Re: I want out of this service!!!




In addition, regarding the sales call, I believe it is asked if you agree to the terms read by agent.  

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Re: I want out of this service!!!

first month 20 gb no prob, (it is only me), 2nd month 20 gb last 3 wks so upped to 30gb....3rd month 30gb lasted 6 days.....biggest scam on the planel and only internet service available where I live.....they blame "vampires" I blame greed

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Re: I want out of this service!!!

You are absolutely correct. We live too far out from any cable or high speed anything. Satellite high speed seemed like our answer. That first month was great and who would cancel during the first month during those speeds. Nice marketing touch there Hughes. Still there is the technology available to provide highspeed internet and it is in the hands of crooks. We need to contact lawmakers because Hugesnet will not do anything. Looking into another satellite provider myself. Good Luck


Re: I want out of this service!!!

I'm going to close this thread because it is old. 


Maclowery, I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I pulled up your account and I don't see any recent tech support cases. If you have a new concern, we're happy to troubleshoot with you here in the community. Just start a new topic in the Tech Support board with a detailed description of your concern so we can better assist you.


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