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Is my equipment compatible with Gen5

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Is my equipment compatible with Gen5

I had my Gen 4 system installed about 3 weeks ago and have the newest router modem that has the wifif built in. When installed the installer said my equipment would be good and they could upgrade me over the phone. Does anyone know if this is accurate. I am waiting for a supervisor to call me. Did not get definitive time for a call back but it has been 24 hrs. Any help would be great.

Associate Professor

Yes, it is compatible with Gen5 service, however you may need a repoint to Jupiter II since Jupiter One(The Gen4 bird) currently does not support Gen5 service.

Thanks for the info. How is your Gen 5 working, are speeds staying constant throughout the day etc.


You do have to have a repoint. And the Modem will have have to be swapped again. Something about the SBC file on J1 is not compatable with J2. Even thou it is the same modem.