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Jupiter 3 Plan Availability

I'm a current subscriber for over 6 years on a Fushion plan for about the last 1 1/2 years.  I read about the new Jupiter plans in December as having higher upload/download speeds and available data.  I looked into my account to upgrade and it wasn't available.  Then I found out it's not an automatic upgrade that stated there would be a path for current customers to upgrade but you would have to contact the customer service.  Apparently the new Jupiter plans use the HT3000W modem and I have the HT2000W modem so I figured that's why I wouldn't just upgrade automatically in my account.  There needs to be an equipment change, not sure about my dish.  I've contacted customer service twice now and am told it's not available in my area.  But if I search my address on website it gives me available plans to upgrade to.  Both times I've asked to speak to a supervisor to explain the conflicting information on availability of the plans and both times after being on hold for approximately 20-30 minutes I've been disconnected.  Not very good customer service.  Basically my question is can current subscribers upgrade to the new plans and if so how since customer service is not helpful.  Thank you.




Thank you for reaching out to us and I am very sorry to hear this. The new Jupiter 3 plans are not automatic upgrades. The new Jupiter 3 service upgrade is available to almost all customers except a very small few. Unfortunately, it sounds like Jupiter 3 may not currently be available in your area due to the different positioning of the new satellite. That of course is an assumption and would need to be confirmed by support regarding your specific area. While the site may say it covers your zip code, this could be referring to the many different services we offer like your current service and fusion. It could also mean it covers most of your zip code excluding a few areas. To get confirmation of this, it does mean you may have to wait out the hold time to get a confirmation as it cannot be given through this platform. I apologize for the inconvenience.  


The upgrade would a be a total one including a new modem, new radio to attach to the dish as well as re-positioning the dish to the new satellite. In some cases, the dish may also be replaced or upgraded. While I hope this is available to you, I can not confirm through here. I do hope you are able to get through without any phone signal issues disconnecting the call.  -Damian 

Thank you for your response but I think you misunderstood checking the area.  I know lots of ISP you check your zip code and it may say available but it is not for your specific residence.  I went to acting like a new customer and it asked for my full address not just zip code but also street name and house number.  When I typed in all the specifics I was told plans available to me were the Jupiter 3 Select and Elite, unfortunately the Fusion is not currently available but will be later this year.  I could have then clicked on the order online and setup installation.  Obviously I didn't want to do that as I'm already a customer but the customer support says there are no Jupiter 3 plans available to me and no one can explain why i can apparently buy as a new customer but not a current customer.  So obviously there's a conflict somewhere but no one can explain the issue.  I was hoping I could get help on the forum as I've previously gotten help here 2 times before when no one on the phone customer service could help with my issues.  I guess I'll just stick with what I have as I spent over an hour on the phone with them yesterday and I don't have unlimited time to deal with the phone support and that seems to be what you need if you ever call them is unlimited time and nothing else to do.  Thanks again for your quick response.

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This may or may not be your case, but sometimes these offers are for new customers only. If you go there and pretend to be a new customer, you'll see the offer, but it will not truly be available to you as a current customer. Doesn't mean you won't ever be able to get on J3, but they  may only be offering J3 accounts to new customers at the moment (edit: in your area).