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Thank you HughesNet!

New Member

Thank you HughesNet!

Just wanted to give everyone at HughesNet a shout out.


We use HughesNet as a backup ISP for our Comcast service as we work from home. Every time Comcast has gone down, and in the recent weeks that has been several times. HughesNet has always been there and extremely reliable.


I’ve recently, out of the blue, received a credit from HughesNet for service interruption that we never knew happened, Comcast would never do that.


I’ve pretty much stopped using Comcast in whole and solely use HughesNet for working from home as I never had any connectivity issues with you guys.


So again, a huge thank you for being there and knowing how to take care of your customers!


PS, feel free to forward onto and contacts you may have at Comcast 😊


Re: Thank you HughesNet!



Welcome to the community and thank you so much for the kind words! We really do appreciate it! 




Re: Thank you HughesNet!

"Comcast would never do that."


That's exactly right.