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Trade 25% Less High Speed Data for a Data Valve Option?

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Trade 25% Less High Speed Data for a Data Valve Option?

My family and I currently have the 20g plan.  We are all very tech orientated, so the monthly data limit can feel, well... limiting.  Predictably, I'm constantly playing sentry so we don't run out before the end of the month.  God forbid the wifi on the ipad gets left on and downloads a multi gigabyte update overnight.  It has gotten to the point that my child cheers when we run out of data early because then she can watch youtube again, albeit at lower resolution and some buffering.  Something just doesn't feel right that my family cheers when we are out of data.  But there are times we need the higher speed data later in the month, so I try to stretch it out as best we can.


I can't speak to HughesNet's business model, but as a customer what I would really like is a data valve that would allow me to turn the high speed off when I don't want to use it and save it for when I do.  I would even be willing to accept a plan for the same price but with 25% less data, if the data valve option were included.  I think my family and I would get more out of our online experience and it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up not even using all of our high speed data.  Please consider creating such a plan.