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can i switch to the $50 choice plan with a old modem?

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can i switch to the $50 choice plan with a old modem?

We are currently using HN9000 modem and paying $70.  We were wondering if we could switch to the $50 plan without buying new equipment or having Installer come by and adjust the dish. Thanks.

El Dorado Netwo
Advanced Tutor

You can only switch to the $50 CHOICE plan if it's currently available in your area. Different areas have different plans. Changing plans on your current system would not require a technician to come out. 

Also, if you are able to upgrade to the latest Jupiter Technology, that would be your best option. You would need new gear and a technician visit, but you should lease the equipment, not buy it. 

Check with your local retailer. He/She will know... 
El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |
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Also, if you sign into Dashboard here: then click on the Support tab there will be an upgrade link on lower right. Go there and it will show plans available to you, you can downgrade there as well as upgrade.

Good mornong jlb323,

Welcome to the community! After looking at your account, it seems that the only upgrade offers available would require a hardware upgrade. Fortunately, since you've been a customer for a long time and you're already leasing your equipment, there is no cost to upgrade! You can order, pick your plan and schedule your visit all from 

Please let me know if you have any questions!